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Welcome to Integrated Multimedia Consultants of Hawai'i
Integrated Multimedia Consultants of Hawai'i

IMC Hawai'i offers creative and versatile multimedia solutions, with a colorful ballet of experiences in the media, technology, manufacturing, and sales industries. IMC Hawai'i combines natural creativity and the practical use of brain power to compose art, music, and motion pictures bursting with depth and positive energy. Creativity is used by IMC Hawa'ii to design and create a variety of graphics, motifs, sets, backdrops, video and sound compilations, and a mixture of pleasantries using paints, fabrics, metals, wood and A/V interfaces.

IMC HawaiiThe founder of IMC Hawai'i is David "Kawika Luv" Jones, known for capturing moments in time centered around people, places, and things. You can view videography samples from David's collection of videos taken in many different locations, environments, and settings capturing a variety of people, places, and things. Please explore the website by selecting video clips that have been edited and combined for your viewing pleasure. This website demonstrates David's experience in music and promotional videos, stand-up comedy, public events, weddings, nature/wildlife, and creative points of view. Please contact IMC Hawai'i for more information on services and scheduling.


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