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About David Jones of IMC Hawai'i
About David Jones

Overview: David Jones is enterprising, creative, self-motivated, and versatile, with experiences in the media, technology, manufacturing, and sales industry. As an Artist and Media Producer, David combines natural creativity and practical use of brain power to compose art, music, and motion pictures bursting with depth and positive energy by creating powerful mediums. David’s creativity has been used to design and create a variety of graphics, motifs, sets, backdrops, video and sound compilations, and a mixture of pleasantries using paints, fabrics, metals, wood and A/V interfaces.

Production Technical Written BusinessProfessional Recognition

Summary of Accomplishments:

Production [back to top]

Created more than 343 original Graphics and Images designed for Web, Print, Video and Digital Imaging work

Produced the audio recording of: Produced the video creation of:
  • 3 Album Re-Masters
  • 23 LIVE events
  • 2 Recording Artist Albums
  • 1 Video Score
  • 3 Advertisement Tracks
  • 2 Corporate Profiles
  • 3 Music Videos
  • 2 Promotional Videos
  • 6 Episodes of a Medical Education Series
  • 1 Exercise Instructional Video
  • 7 Remembrance Videos
  • 2 Music Events
  • 2 Sports Events

Technical [back to top]

Created a web based training interface for SAP's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software used by over 65,000 state employees
Computer software education and training in a variety of multimedia subjects
Website concept, design, and implementation of 15 published websites
Auditorium HD Projection Operator, On-Site AV Technician, Field Audio Engineering for audiences ranging from 120-5000 attendees
AV Technician for 26 publicly viewed movie showings for an audience attendance averaging at 190 members

Written [back to top]

Copy published on more than 3 web publications with over 560,000 visits and 23,734 accumulated article hits
26 work, event, job, and/or business proposals, presentations, and contracts
Written and printed 17 published articles pertaining to the Arts
Radio Ad copy circulated for 4 weeks with a 500,000 potential listenership

Business [back to top]

Participated in the organization and creation of 7 business/corporate entities
Co-Writer of Corporate Bylaws and Corporate Mechanisms of a Not for Profit
Lead events and meetings of audiences up to 600 attendees
Written over 100 estimates and processed invoices which includes receiving, handling and depositing money topping at $32,000 per singular transaction

Professional Recognition [back to top]

Raleigh First Friday, April 2008 Video Artist of the Month
SparkCon 2006, Graphic images display in Moore Square, Downtown Raleigh