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The North Carolina Museum of Nutural Science  (logo property of NCMNS)Audio Recording for The NC Museum of Natural Science (logo property of NCMNS)Audio Production
What does Audio Production include?

Sound is a very unique sense and very important to those that like to hear. IMC Hawai'i can help with recording LIVE, mixing, editing, and producing your audio needs with the highest quality in mind. IMC Hawai'i also assist in composition and the creation of a music score, song, or a thematic melody that can heighten the visuals and/or words being conveyed in a message, or establish an atmosphere which the visuals take place.

Consulting Skills - IMC Hawai'i has the task of creating/manipulating the necessary nonmusical sound elements presented in a scene whether it be a website page or a dramatic leap from a mountain top. IMC Hawai'i designs special sound effects, intergrate musical elements, and they sound track for the overall theme and tone of the production.
Services Provided - A few areas in which are common for audio production needs include, but not limited to; websites, visual image sequences, animations, product promotions, training videos, games, films, dramatic scenes, education, the visual impaired and audio books.

SafeChild Work Example: Safechild Promational Video Score
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